The Chowlee Sneezer

‎6th Sep, 10 - dugu sneezed, held his nose, and said 'chowlee' (his rendition of sorry). Repeated it again at night. Good manners, dugu. :)


Well, Dugu dear is into cars it seems, and is having fun with them - when he's not trying to stand up holding his mummy.

drive away, dugu.. :)

I am going Green.

GreenPeace Team - I am with you!


my picture blog

check out Dugu's picture blog!

Dugu's Dad

Dugu Bole Hadippa!!

"Icha is what I call my mom for now, as I can't say 'R'icha still" is what Dugu may want to tell you - if he could speak the full sentence.

And to his mom's delight - Dugu dear - who as it is loves Kriket (that's how he would spell it for now, I guess) - did not bother her much this Sunday, 20th Sep '09 when they went to watch Dil Bole Hadippa, at 4:20pm. Some show timing that, eh!

He seemed to have quite a bit of fun, laughed - and when he was made to sit on the side stairs for a while, seems plucked of one of those shiny-lil stars. He laughed back at Icha when she looked at him.

Had I Papa?

this too shall pass...

i have been working everyday till 4 am these few days..taking on more freelance writing assignments
i have a son - and cant see him
a wife i cant meet
and a job - that's elusive
-- some decided for practical reasons, some not in my hands
but moving on
waiting for the day when all will b well again

the crawler

well, well, well!
look who's crawling!

seems dugu dear crawled on the floor for the first time on 30th August, 09, sometime post noon.

he also seems to be taking his mom's name - something that he hears all around him. but then, he does give his dad a laughter on the phone - which he doesn't seem to give anyone else. thanks baby. :)
dugu's dad

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